Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Beware Dark Energy Feeders and The Greater Brain

Warning - Beware Dark Energy Feeders and the Greater Brain

There are those people and even states that have such a negative influence on others it is as though they parasitically suck energy from them the way a mosquito sucks blood replacing what they have taken with a Darker energy that infects the host with the diseases of anxiety, fear and paranoia which if left untreated can fester and turn into bitterness, resentment, and even hate.

You will recognise such people or states by the fruits of their actions. Often they seek out conflict, are condemning and judgmental and are quick to punish rather than be compassionate kind and have empathy for others as they see such aspects of behaviour as weaknesses. They live with a belief system that directs their perceptions which is fuelled by a Dark Energy that gives them succour and strength and have a need to control the greater brain of the community at large. In normal reality such a world as they live in is beyond the comprehension of most people and catches unaware the unsuspecting individual or state who sceptically feels disbelief for such pariahs until they are made victims of them; the reason why this occurs is for the most part such people or even states walk in disguise, hiding their true nature until they can hide that nature no longer being forced to show who they are out of desperation or intrigue.

Dark Energy Feeders see any that disagree with them as a potential threat and are quick to show anger and diminish others that get in their way and will use them as a tool to heighten their status in their social group. Indeed it is quite possible that the myth of the Vampire; a creature that drinks the blood of its victim and in so doing transforms that person into a being such as itself; is derived from the understanding that such people influence others with the energy they take replacing it with their own negative energy.

There are both negative and positive influences that people to a greater or lesser extent radiate and with humanities three brains to think by; one for the individual; one from the social group, and one from the state, it is no wonder people truly find it difficult to be as unique as they can be or fail to take responsibility for their own actions.

Human behaviour is directed by the greater brain which is the community they live in, but unfortunately that greater brain may give wrong advice and rationale; even so the information received will be adhered to and followed, as people will take the knowledge given as factual and be prepared to act upon it as though it were leading doctrine.  When that occurs if the individual then inaccurately understands the information he or she is given then that person may be punished with the belief that they are acting of their own accord instead of with the advice and authority of the Greater Brain which has led them to the conclusions they have come to.

In certain circumstances it can be seen that people behave according to their greater brain i.e. the community at large that has given them authority to believe in the manner in which they act. The greater brain can structure perceptions so that people do the most diabolical things and rationalise them as the will of society. And why does this occur? People believe they have freewill but no one has ever had freewill although everyone knows of freedom, of liberty, and of justice they still are contained by the three brain process. Until such time that people stop preying on one another and sucking the positive energy from each other will there be freewill then you will find people will react with compassion and not anger, where people instead of being self-righteous will become righteous; where instead of having their eyes shut to the real world surrounding them they will have them opened. People need to understand that they have these three brains with which they think by and then they need to understand which has the mastery. Which are they going to make become the greater brain. If the individual or state commits atrocities remember that it does so in the name of its three brain intelligence. In our world it should by now be a one world community where people take responsibility for their own deeds and have understanding for the deeds of others for there is no doubt that the smallest seed planted by any individual or society can grow into a mighty forest but we have to ask ourselves is that forest going to be filled with shadow or light. For you can be the light or the darkness and that depends on whether you are a Dark Energy Feeder or not and which brain you give authority to and which you trust. You shall know the right one by the love hope and compassion it allows you to express. You shall know it by the shame you feel when you wrong another and if you feel no shame then you shall know the path you have ventured down is the wrong one.
For that which has no feeling has no soul and that which has no understanding for any but itself has no community and is as cold as a seemingly well structured marbled fountain that on the inside is barren of life and filled with corruption, as it appears outwardly all pristine and clean but spews forth on any that pass by stagnant waters.
Dark Energy Feeders

Beware lovers of Energy Dark
For they scar and they mark
Laying you beneath their feet
With acts worked from deceit
Beware walkers in disguise
Telling sweet tempered lies
They will empty you inside
Place something therein to hide
Draining hope and love away
Making you dance to what they play
Beware those that feel no shame
Whose reliance is a greater brain
Their world being undefined
As is the case with the blind
So if ever you feel drained
And see innocence blamed
For things the wicked oft do
Then ask
Does Dark Energy control you

Adam David Papa-Adams © 2012 all rights reserved