Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Message in a bottle


How much do we see and know of the World around us. This beautiful plain that can be so welcoming and yet is often treacherous. There is no need for so much earthly hate and yet their is a need for love, compassion and mercy.

'I refuse to allow them to be blind. I shall open their hearts if not their minds and make them see once more.' The Poet David Papa-Adams

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Valour of the Spirit People


This is an indie novel I wrote.  It tells the story of a war that occurred in Turtle Island before the time of Columbus.  The reasons for the battles that ensue are both intriguing and horrifying for the reader.  The Characters are as mighty as the deeds they accomplish but great also are their adversaries.  And in the end you are required to ask yourself the question, where does good end and evil begin!?!

The Poet David Papa-Adams

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Angels Demons and the Djinn


Please see my youtube talk on - Angels Demons and the Djinn.  Ask yourself what world are we living in. Is it one dominated by those that are willing to care for you and help you grow as an individual, or is it a restricting, suffocating, frustrating place where dreams are stifled and ambition is prohibited except for the chosen few.

The truth is anyone can achieve anything, but first they must believe they are able, rather than what they are more often than not taught by others to be, which is incapable.

When researching this particular subject I had many people obstruct me when I sought their opinions.

Also I found many people that were helpful and encouraging, and for that I would like to thank them, a special thanks goes out to a local Priest and Rabbi for their assistance, understanding and openness on this particular subject.

Such a topic as this needs to be discussed as it still has a bearing and influence on peoples lives. The question I really ask people is how do they view themselves.  Remember - if people stare in the mirror and they do not like what they see, they often then blame the person that made them look, rather than themselves.  By doing this they cannot grow but are bound to repeat their mistakes.

People often look to the past for answers but are then drawn backward rather than what they should be doing, which is to keep on moving forward.  Yes, use the past to learn from, but don't get stuck there, as you may one day realise that you spent so much time looking back that you neglected the future that lay in front of you.

David xx