Monday, 28 May 2012

Warning Beware the Shock Wave treatment

Warning beware the Shock Waves

Individuals are influenced throughout their lives, but here is an interesting Conspiracy theory for you; what if one of the ways you are influenced is by powerful agencies using methods that I refer to as Shock Waves. These Shock Waves have an effect on the alpha waves in an individuals brain; the results of which inhibit and interfere with cognitive thoughtful patterns of behaviour. They then by manipulating the process and structure of the electro pulses in the brain control peoples actions forcing them to behave in an antisocial manner.

Is this too much of a Conspiracy Theory then I would like you to just hear me out for a moment?

Humanities behaviour has often been chaotic, and people say it is more so now than ever before in our history. More alarming, disturbing and aggressive than thought possible especially amongst what appears to be an unrestrained youth. To which my reply is ‘what short memories you have got’ consider Mans recent past which is strewn with conflict; having said that what if today’s behaviour is caused by powerful waves of energy that pass through us, working at a frequency unrecognised by the individual which inhibits the creative calm thought process that should be occurring.  What if, and I know that the fragile use of that term especially without any real evidence to back up such a claim is ineffectual, but what if people were able to manipulate others in such a radical manner by using what I have referred to as Shock Waves that disrupt the relative calm of the individual; is it really so hard to believe. People have manipulated each other for thousands of years through subliminal messaging, by telling others convenient untruths to comfort their egos. The power to manipulate others is like an addiction to some; could it be that the use of Shock Waves by certain authority figures enhances their ability to gain control over the individual that in normal circumstances would not be achieved.

Is it then so difficult to see that there maybe some hidden agenda that we do not know of, that is preventing mankind from its true nature; that of being a fully conscious socially connected being not in conflict with the Greater Brain of the Social Group but at peace with it.
If you find this difficult to believe then think of this when a storm is brewing you can often feel it, feel the oppressive nature that surrounds you. As though you can feel the static electrical charge in the atmosphere. You cannot see it but you know it exists. Perhaps Shock Waves work in the same manner. You do not realise they are there but you can feel at the back of your mind that something negative is compelling you to be conflicted and unresponsive to more natural righteous thoughts and deeds.

Is it therefore so difficult to believe that there are wave frequencies that those that have an understanding of, use. And such frequencies are used for either the betterment or detriment of others. Is it also possible that there are Organisations or Governments that combat such things for our protection. Perhaps there is so much untapped potential in the human mind that certain organisations or even states wish to restrict mankind to the primitive age that we are currently living in; or perhaps peoples interaction with each other is so muted that instead of sending out the Love that is needed what is sent out is something more chaotic, such as resentment, anguish, anxiety.

Take the most overpowering Shock Waves those in the form of Sound Waves as an example, powerful persuasive stated oratory. The spoken or written word can be very powerful when it becomes unquestioned. These penetrating undisputed statements of information have inhibited man since the beginning of time. Such Sound Waves can shackle a person as tightly as the strongest chains.

In which case perhaps the most hazardous Shock Waves are carried by those you trust the most. Those you trust to give you right advice but instead make you more vulnerable than ever before by feeding the fear and paranoia in your mind. So instead of calming your fears they fuel your anger and resentment. What should be occurring is that they should be helping you to overcome any problems that exist.
The things others say do not have to be negative; have you ever been touched by a harmonious melody that moved and inspired you, moved you to tears or lifted your spirits in such a manner that the memory lingered long after the music had ended; I would hope the answer is yes but as things move you one way so they can sway you the other.

Is it also therefore possible since we know that there are various wave patterns that can affect the human psyche, that organisations or even sates or even the individual might use such Shock Waves for their own purposes. And perhaps the negative energy humans are currently giving off in this subjugated environment where people and even states are barely surviving is a consequence of such directed Shock Waves; so that the energy given off in this climate is creating more disturbances, more unbalanced minds, which also means there are more hardships to come unless people take back the Love in their lives, and give that power, that energy away to others by simply communicating with each other in a more positive manner. 

So what are the most powerful Shock Waves, they are Sound Waves, they perhaps are the real cause for the negativity found in the individual. You can see it in your every day lives, just look around you and see the burdens people are under and see how people react one to the other; as people seemingly do not care about the things they say and do, and being so inhibited by the Shock Wave treatment they have suffered; have responded by acting without empathy toward others.

Most people listen to the Shock Waves given off by the Greater Brain of their Social Group and imitate them preferring to blend in with their surroundings rather than thinking for themselves and actually being compassionate tolerant individuals; its this blindness that people find comforting, and its this blindness that inhibits the individual from growing into a stronger more caring altruistic being.

The main effect of Shock Wave treatment is fear; mankind is subjugated and enslaved by it. Fear is not racist, it is not exclusive, it does not live in the singular, it knows no borders; it is uncompromising, all encompassing, and highly contagious but the cure is simple; live in Love, with hope, with compassion with tolerance and understanding. And yet Humanity is attached to fear; this is a bazaar state to live in more so because man places so much belief in it, holding on to this cloak of darkness so tightly that it shrouds the world around him.

People feel that it is necessary to shout one another down as though a calm voice cannot be heard. Perhaps if Humanity stopped a moment to reflect about life then such a being might realise that the greatest conspiracies are the ones that occur in the home. It is there that the harshness used against others occurs; so that when you are in the presence of someone you trust to influence you in a positive manner what occurs is the opposite. You may behave in a friendly manner to someone but behind closed doors you speak all kinds of offences against them because of the influence others have on you. It is these unknown and unheard voices that stoke the negativity in the mind; remember every time you say something of a negative nature about someone you are stoking the fear within yourself. This is the trap that Shock Waves capture you in. These are the real Conspiracies that you are part of; and you do not need Government Agencies or Secret Societies to blame for them; although that is not to say that conspiracies on a much larger scale do not exist.

So when people cry out that there is no God or that if there is, that God who is Love, is not listening, be struck by the truth; a truth that is simple to understand, and that is this; humanity is the one affected by Shock Waves that drown out and deafen the Love that should be felt and heard and such Shock Waves are closer to home than you can possibly imagine.

Adam David Papa-Adams © 2012 all rights reserved

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Scarcity of Love

The Scarcity of Love and the abundance of hate

How long must society blame the individual for reacting toward offences suffered? How long must we ridicule the weak and the vulnerable and then blame them for their often chaotic desperate despairing response? How long must there be hateful maltreatment, slanderous unreasoned provocations; malice and hate in an uncaring society? How long must the vanquished have to suffer being excluded from life? When will humanity enter a more enlightened age removed from the dark age we live in?

Such questions have concerned humanity not just for generations but for thousands of years but the truth people seek is a simple one it is not to teach each other to hate one another but to be compassionate. Our world that has been made a living hell to many cannot go on this way; I believe that even though I know things have not altered since the dawn of man. And even though people speak of a New World Order I know they are referring to the Old World Order. Perhaps if people could overcome their personal bitterness and jealousy then we could all be representatives and participants in a New World.

But truly as an individual who is treated by so many as being alien, eccentric or plainly strange. Whose beliefs are thought of as being nothing more than a fantasy especially since I have such a strong belief in LOVE I cannot help but feel distant from so many that have so much personal energy invested in hating and dominating others.

I am tired of elites and secret societies hiding truths that are unnecessary to hide; of keeping a world closely scrutinized and closeted and by doing so preventing the natural growth of potential. I find it strange in this much observed paranoid world of ours that there are close circuit cameras on every street corner which are not for our protection but are there to keep people in a state of constant vigilance and fear; and should there use ever be questioned then those using them justify their use by saying ‘if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about’ and yet those same people that believe in such things are the ones who exclude others from their secret societies and their elite structures; which means they are the ones who wish to remain unobserved and work their machinations in secret which must also mean that ‘they do have something to hide and are the ones truly living in fear.’ Which is a completely unnatural state for any to live in.

Can the hypocrisy keep going or will people finally wake up to the fact that they have had thousands of years of hate thrust upon them; that they have fought war after war and yet still suffer austere societies. That they have died and suffered in their millions and will suffer to die in their millions in the future unless things change.

I know that the burdens people carry are extensive and I know that this is not the way things are meant to be. People are not meant to make pacts with the devil, they are not meant to care less for others than themselves; this is not meant to be a dog eat dog world.
I also know that people that react to the hopelessness thrust upon them are often condemned and punished especially by those who have the power to change things. This is not just a shame but a great shame although the greatest shame people have is that they have no shame at all. You see people are so busy diminishing others that they fail to see the potential they are weakening.

I have often said that love is the divine in all of us and since it is divine then that which is not love must be less, making people less than what they can be, than what they can achieve. You may remember that I said that the rich treat each other richly and the poor treat each other poorly. Could it be that the poor are always ready to trample each other under foot whilst the rich actually respect one another treating themselves with distinction.

Does this occur because of the hard lives people lead; the answer to that is no, as poverty of the spirit is not restricted to an individuals social standing. Even some of the most nefarious people in history thought themselves creative rather than what they were damaged destructive people that were the design of their cultural heritage. And these non believers of love preferred to, and prefer to follow a doctrine of thoughtless callous behaviour that has led to and will lead to a non acceptance for the responsibility required for others, so strong was and is this belief that there is in this world a scarcity of Love and an abundance of Hate.

So I say wherever you are bring the Love back, shout it to the loudest. From the deepest caverns, to the highest mountains, let it spread its wings and fly; from distant corner to distant corner, and do not let it be drowned out, live it, dream it, and believe in it; and when you feel it then let the world know that you heard the calling and that you were called back to Love.

Adam David Papa-Adams (C) 2012 all rights reserved

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Why is Forgiveness divine?

Is Forgiveness divine?

In a previous blog I first mentioned the Greater Brain of man to show how thoughts and ideas develop. I wished to show how people are often subject to the will of their Greater Brain; an intelligence or mind that has an overwhelming influence on the individual so that when the individuals psyche reaches its tipping point it then reacts; this occurs when the Greater Brain of the social group or society unbalances the individuals mind forcing it to behave in what is manifestly thought of as an antisocial manner. The Greater Brain of society fuelled by its own insecurities and fears then also behaves in an unreasoned antisocial manner as a cycle occurs of reaction and response.

It is this social intelligence that prohibits man from fulfilling his potential if the society is continually judging condemning and then punishing individuals it does not give itself time to grow and this is seen in how restricted growth is within society.

Most people live within a bubble made up of ego, pride and ignorance which is controlled by the Greater Brain of man i.e. their society and social group. All people or states for that matter that judge others do not often acknowledge the faults within themselves just those they oppose and so what follows after the hypocrisy of critical thought is indulged comes the reaction from those who are being condemned. Instead what should be addressed is a close look at where problems lie and how to heal wounds whether old or new.

As per my theory then a mentoring process should be in place to lift people or even states out of the destructive cycle they find themselves in. Both people and states need to be properly instructed so that they can overcome their fears which might be deep rooted as to make them behave in an uncompromising manner.  The reason instruction is necessary is so that they can come to terms with the tragedies of their past and find forgiveness for those they perceive as their enemy. 

Ask yourself are you as forgiving as you expect others to be to you?

So what is one way that the Greater Brain of the social group or society at large has on the influence of others; it creates the denial in the ego of the individual by creating falsehoods that people apply to their daily lives. An example of this is how the poor the weak and the vulnerable are damaged by society. A society that is more than willing to condemn and punish the individual for their weakness rather than help them become stronger so that they can fulfil their potential, is a society that shows how primitive it still is. The Greater Brain dictates that Social Groups should Judge Condemn and Punish others; this hypocrisy for hypocrisy it is has lasted for thousands of years. It works because people are made to centre on themselves and they feel a sense of power by judging others and more so by condemning them. What should be occurring is that people should be passing love on to one another. The reason why this is not occurring is because the Greater Brain directs the individual to be selfish rather than selfless; after all love is the greatest gift one person can give to another unfortunately in the selfish world we live in such a feeling is guarded jealously, instead of what should be seen which is that it should be given away freely.

So why then have we found in the past that even those people who are bonded by blood and friendship are still willing to betray one another. The reasons are many according to the damaged psyche of the Social Memory which may be constrained by Paranoia Fear and Jealousy which are caused by previous Hardships that have remained within the individual diluting the love that should be felt.

As an example you may think that you are at a social event and one person may be innocent to the malice of another who is controlled by their fantasies. These damaging fantasies affect the keeper of them as they are internalised creating great pain and torment for the individual.

The person whilst communicating socially with the other person will record the information received incorrectly because of their fantasies and then repeat that information elsewhere but will do so inaccurately because of how hard their heart has become which 
creates a lack of empathy as the protective barriers that were built up over time become more and more solid if they are not dealt with. In essence what is created are further hardships as issues and situations of a negative nature are made where none existed before and they do this because they truly believe that the other person is deserving of their hate not realising that they are the ones behaving in a spiteful callous or malicious manner as they are subject to the will of their Social Memory. 

Such is the way people and states justify the horrendous acts they perpetrate. 

People can become hateful seeking vengeance for acts they have no right to seek vengeance for as they are manifestations of their own imagination and why because of their belief in what the Greater Brain has told them. The Greater Brain being the social group that instead of calming the seas of wrath, fuels the fires of the individuals rage and the persons own arrogance and pride which then affects the lives of those around them with the toxic poisonous waist they have swallowed and are willing to dispel.

It is this battle against the duplicity and thoughtless behaviour of the Greater Brain that truly makes Forgiveness Divine as the Greater Brain of Society teaches intolerance vengeance malice condemnation and hate whereas the individual, and there have been many great individuals that have not been subject to the negative aspects of their Omnipresent Social Memory have taught love compassion mercy tolerance and hope.

It is for this reason that wherever and whatever you are doing in your search for happiness if you choose love then you must choose thought, compassion, kindness, and a willingness not to judge condemn or punish others; so look inside yourself and find forgiveness not resentment, mercy and not bitterness, love and not rage and just may be you will also find something else there?

Who Forgives?

When Cowed by acts past
Of winters chills that last
Through chained and icy melody
That never sets the soul free
Do not bow to troubled mind
Or countless curses thought unkind
Blame instead the memory
That bursts like an incendiary
And if vile truth be told
Let others diminish beliefs old
But you stand firm to your grief
And not let others take or thieve
What is a holy natural light
And not some hidden pagan rite
So when they speak of troubles far
As distant as some lonely star
Saying that the futures yours
Unless of course you have good cause
To remember scorns long felt
Which time and age do not melt
Think on this a little while
If they should ever stand such trial
As the victim that they blame
For not being party to their game
As they do not see the path taken
Until in deaths arms they awaken
And at deaths door they won’t begrudge
Saying they were the ones not to judge
That they never did any wrong
Repeating histories many times long
Claiming that they’re forgiving too
And so they still harbour what angers you

Adam David Papa-Adams © 2012 all rights reserved