Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Will You Dare To Dream

Will You Dare To Dream 

We live in an age where only a small number are educated to a higher degree

That is a waist, a waist of human potential, each and everyone of you are capable powerful spiritually impregnable but you do not see it. Instead there is a large majority who in their rush to be the highest are willing to stoop to the lowest. Instead of encouraging exalting promoting one another you promote yourself and those close too. And those called strangers you treat as alien as though they are disconnected to you. The world does not turn by the few but by the many. The more educated a society the more that civilisation becomes a greater more unified nation; only states in their infancy cannot realise the benefit of mass opportunity. If you allow a few to control the desires of the many, then the many become fractious, combustible this has been proven throughout history and should have been a lesson learned. When the pyramids were raised they were raised by the many but who took credit for them do you hear people praise Egypt or the Pharaoh Khufu and throughout history people rather than nations or states are revered; would you hear of Rome without Caesar or of Greece without Alexander, Achilles, Agamemnon. Would you here of Britain without Shakespeare, Newton, Churchill. It is through great individuals that great societies are made your society needs you. You who others have made small are not small but mighty indeed. You can achieve dreams imaginings beyond what you or others perceive of you. First you must believe and not let discontent for what you were made into reign over you. Instead strive in the arts, in education, in the sciences, to build a better world not just for yourself for everyone. Let me enlighten, illuminate elevate you so that which has been kept from you is kept from you no longer. You can be an achiever without deception or intrigue you can accomplish most anything. Become the next Leonardo De Vinci, Michael Angelo, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Tim Berners-Lee; the list is immense as are you; it is a grave misfortune that others instead of making you capable try to make you incapable. Every time someone diminishes you they are acting not for the good of the community but for their own personal self-interest and until such people realise the damage they cause their society they will always bring that society down. This often occurs in the home where those that have the authority to make a better individual serve up a platter of malcontent. There should be within every social group self-belief self-confidence self-determination. This is a modern forward looking world not a backward one. At this time societies should not be judgemental, intolerant, disunited. We are all connected one to the other. You are part of a universe of wonders and you are a wonder in that universe. You could be the person that cures cancer. You could be the greatest artist philosopher writer there has ever been. There is a creator in everyone but you must believe through the trials the adversities the failures that in the end you shall succeed. I believe in you, I believe you can make a better world. The world is less without your efforts. You have touched a Titan and you can reach farther still. You just have to understand that all those people that achieved greatness had a connection to you. And you have a connection to them. All things are built through dreams, and though people say do not make dreams your master or do not deal in dreams everything that has been conceived was a dream achieved. So be elevated illuminated inspired.

Thank you for listening.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Elitism or Love

Elitism or Love asks the question are you an Elitist.  In principle any that have their own personal agenda are behaving in an elitist manner.  For what are elites, but closed shops that cater for only the priviledged few.  They are not so secret societies where people conspire for reasons of self-interest.   They can be found in your own home or even your neighbours.  So the question is do people really dislike an elitist society because they are not a part of it?  Or do they dislike it for how primitive it truly is?  You need to ask yourselves why and who have you closed your doors to recently, and whether or not you closed those doors as an act of elitism? Do people live in Elites out of Love or because of a lack of it? 

Adam David Papa-Adams (C) 2012 all rights reserved  

Monday, 3 September 2012

Your Society Needs You

Your Society Needs You


So how is it that in our world to this day we have not achieved the things in life that there should be, why is there no world peace? Why has humanity not cured cancer? Why can we not send ourselves to the most distant galaxies? And why oh why is there so much anger in the world?

I have in previous blogs spoken of Dark Energy feeders and the Greater Brain; and how social groups and certain people, even some societies, have a negative effect on the beliefs of the individual. And in my Social theory ’The theory of Diminished Social Behaviour and The Omnipresent Social Memory’ I showed how the negative effects of social interaction on what I refer to as the omnipresent social memory of the individual has diminished humanity to such an extent as to make the individual incapable instead of capable.

So why does this occur?

We have currently in our world educated to a certain degree, which is also considered to a high level, only the smallest fraction of our population. Educated them in what are considered the best schools, the best colleges, the best universities. And we have seen and shown through my theory that such people are also undeniably still governed by their Omnipresent Social Memories. And why can I say that with such surety of notion; the simple answer is that we still have so much self-interest in the world today, so much insular thinking, such a lack of communication between different individuals and nations and to this day those who have the power to make a better world, a better present, a better future, a better life seem to find themselves bound to old cultural ties that inhibits their growth and the growth of the world. Humanity is so reliant on historical traditions that have acted to deter society from moving forward, that its as if we peer into the night and are afraid of what we might find in the dark instead of what we should be which are the children that stare up at the stars in wonder and awe.

So why have we become the children that stare out of the bedroom window at the fog and are fearful of what might be hiding therein? And how can we change the world without dictating to people how they should behave?

The first thing to do is to understand that humanity has not begun to fulfil its potential. How can any society achieve its highest point when only a very small fraction within it, is educated to what is considered a high level of traditional thinking patterns, and those levels do not fully explore and challenge the creative human intellect. The fact that Leonardo de Vinci or William Shakespeare are uncommon instead of being common is a prime example of our cultural heritage where only a very few are given the environment to fulfil their potential and it is debateable whether they truly fulfilled that potential or whether or not they could have become much more.

Therefore, people need to be elevated, empowered, intellectualised, inspired. They need to begin to believe the impossible can be possible and that aspiration and dreaming can be one and the same thing if used as tools for the positive.

I recall that at my first career interview at sixteen when asked what I would like to become; the interviewer said of my idea of becoming an estate agent that I would be better off working in a factory and that that should be the height of my ambition. This I admit was some years ago but my observations of society today shows me that nothing has changed.

Your life still depends on the type of education you have had or rather you haven’t had, and more important than that education are the type of individuals that such a privileged private or public education enables you to encounter. Other factors of importance are the environment you were brought up in; your relationship between the authority figures at home and abroad and the way you react to the guidance and protocols received and formed from the close relationship or lack of it from family, friends and society.

The guidance received may have a detrimental effect that drives the individual down the wrong path and because of the normalisation of those negative surroundings, they become unaware that their behaviour has become antisocial.

We still live in a world where it is not what you know but who you know that dictates whether your life will be an easy one where doors are opened for you or a struggle where those doors are closed.

And this indicates that life is truly chequered and rigged and is structured not so much so that certain people succeed but to make sure that certain people and social groups fail. There are even people out there that have a need to see others fail to feel good about themselves. This is almost a corrupt view of competitiveness. The difficulty is that people are so reliant on wanting to prove themselves right they lose all sense of objectivity. They are willing to deceive and lead others astray rather than be proven wrong.

So why since this has been ongoing for centuries are people still seduced by the doctrine of 'its not what you know but who...' that means you have a good life or not. The answer is a simple one, humans are very easily manipulated, they are more than willing to buy into the illusion given to them that the world is a world of opportunity.   And yet except for a token few among the plebeian classes who might gain some officiate token power and duty; the majority become nothing more than great entertainers for the elite whether that is in sport, music or theatre. Common People that are successful do not have any real power or influence and do not alter the lives of others; and as an example of this if humanity is to progress then mankind needs to move away from the drug that is an addiction and a distraction to that of the celebrity brain inhibitor.

Once man has been weaned off the Celebrity Brain Inhibitor the world design then becomes very simple, we remove destitution, greed, jealousy, and malice and so we remove many of the problems of the world.

When Jesus overturned the tables and chairs of the tax gatherers and money lenders in the temple of Jerusalem, saying this is the house of God and you have turned it into a den of thieves he was showing his disgust for what a society holds to be valuable. It appears that since that time and before, and to the present, mankind has not changed. Humanity still has not realised that people grow through compassion, love, understanding and tolerance. Ideals that would give you an equal liberal society where merit is rewarded.

So why is there still so much resentment and bitterness in life?

Firstly it begins with injustices perceived or otherwise.

We live in a world where everyone has a rule for themselves and a different rule for everyone else, it is for this reason people seldom accept blame for any wrong they do. Which is a major flaw within the human psyche. Some people might say that such an attitude is how the ego copes with difficult situations but such a defect will someday be seen as a retardation of the mental capabilities of the individual preventing humanity from elevating itself.

People are more than willing to criticize others but are unwilling to accept the same for themselves.
People are still judgmental without being objective, they can see faults in others and often point them out but they cannot see their own faults.
The social groups beneath the elites and secret societies that adopt the idea of it’s ‘Who you know’ are too fractured and divided to form a cohesive group to elevate each other.
When someone comes along to represent the weak, the vulnerable, the common man they are easily discredited ( Julian Assange of Wikileaks has had allegations of rape made against him, George Galloway of the respect party was forced to testify to the United States Senate over alleged illicit payments in the food for oil programme, Nigel Paul Farage of the United Kingdom Independent Party has alleged claims against him that his expenses are not altogether accurate etc) by an elite hierarchy that controls the way society thinks, behaves, acts, through media outlets, and a well oiled propaganda machine.  The Elite like most social groups is directed by its ‘greater brain’to behave in a manner of self-interest.  Hence it is willing to adopt what might be thought of as insane acts to propagate an agenda of control that will eventually lead to its own demise.  As an example of this consider that society is structured in such a manner as to force people to fail. The elite through a broken capitalistic democracy have bred jealousy bitterness and resentment among the masses as a process for control; as Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. Hence divide and rule of the masses is as common an idea today as it has ever been.
Humanity is still at a primitive level of evolution. We still live in a world where people are more than willing to still stone people and burn them at the stake. Where there is still poverty and an imperial hierarchical structure to life.
Instead of People encouraging their neighbours, they discourage them, instead of communicating and talking through issues, people grow angry and bitter, and instead of wanting to improve themselves and others they want to see others fail.
The Political and established elite talk of helping the weak, the vulnerable, and the common man but their words are different from their actions. An example of which is - they talk of education for all, then increase tuition fees so that the common man on the street is excluded from higher education. They talk about lending money to the banks so that they may start lending to small businesses but then money is not lent to small businesses and the common man has to watch those same bankers that caused the current world crisis achieve bonuses worth millions. They talk about healthcare for all but the common man ends up being nothing more than a guinea piggy bank for pharmaceutical agencies, (They use their experimental drugs on the common man and expect the common man to pay for those same drugs) take the drug Thalidomide, the alleged problems with the Urabe strain MMR vaccine etc which when it was introduced caused encephalitis-type conditions. Please see source the Telegraph - Vaccine Officials knew about MMR risks by Mark Watts and Christopher Hope 5 March 2007.
The Political elite talk of a pay freeze for the masses in public life then give a 5% reduction in taxation from 50% to 45% for those earning over £150,000. In principle by cutting their tax by 5% the political elite has given such high earners a 10% pay rise.
Sport is used the way it always has been since the time of the original Olympics of antiquity, and well before, as a distraction for the masses.

To change the current way of thinking means humanity needs a radical change of heart away from being self-righteous self-serving and self-centred to the realisation of community, unity and true equality; of encouraging each other to become better for our society.

I believe that any human can become and achieve anything; you can become a great artist like Leonardo Da Vinci, you can become a great playwright like William Shakespeare, you can become the doctor that cures cancer, the scientist that develops new sources of energy. You just have to believe that such things are achievable and not listen to those that say you should be content with being less because such people have their own agenda and it is not to create a better world for others except for themselves.

Beware of people whose words are different from their actions, who say one thing but act out something completely different, who are willing to lead you astray under the belief that they want the best for you, when really they just want the best for themselves, such people are nothing more than a snake in the grass; as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet ‘the Devil have the art to take a pleasing form.’ They may offer you honeyed words to seduce you to their way of thinking but truly they lie to get the best from you for themselves.

Most people remember that poster of Kitchener or Uncle Sam ‘saying your country needs you.’

Well David needs you to help build a better greater society to educate yourself in the Arts, in the Sciences, in an understanding of your history, both personal and cultural, to become less judgemental and more compassionate; and if you say to yourself who am I to say such a thing, to want to conscript you to such things, then that shows how little we have grown as a human race that you still need a symbol or label to speak to you before you are willing to listen to the wisdom of these words and an individual who has no agenda except wanting to see you fulfil your potential. And if you say that that is not what you want, then make sure your decision is based on you having been given a fare choice and chance in life and not because someone gave you no choice and no chance and through not having that which is your natural right to have, you gave up.

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