Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rise Above

Poem - We must rise above the bitterness people place in our hearts. And though this is difficult and to some people the torment runs deep through years of relentless pain felt. There is Love in the World that if you seek it out you will find it. And though you may go through life being lied to and lied about you should not give in to lies. People believe the malice and hate they hear of others only because it reinforces the prejudices they already have and to believe the weaknesses of another helps them feel strong. But I say to diminsh anyone is to diminsh yourself and the bitterness callously caused in others drowns the perpetrators of it in the end. So Love one another as you would wish to be loved and do not demean isolate or ostracise for such acts as these harm us all. There must always be room for compassion understanding and hope. Big Love David xx