Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Requiem to Colorado

Memoriam - A Tribute to honour both the survivors of, and those lost, to deep adversity.
Any words used at times of hardship may seem empty when spoken from a distance and spoken by someone not known to those confronted by cruel circumstance.  But to have a love, a deep compassion for people that are unknown to you as you are to them is to show them your sympathies and empathy for how they have suffered.  It also shows how compassion and love remain unrestricted and unbound. And this is a Memoriam to all that have suffered.    
The Poem - The thunder cloud is written to empower people to hold on to the love in their hearts so that it remains unconquered and not to give in to anger, rage, bitterness and revenge.  The word Thunder in the poem is the righteous love in your hearts that struggles against injustice.  I know how difficult after suffering a grievous loss it is to become the better and more courageous person it is at such times that our humanity and the support of our community are needed the most.

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