Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Will You Dare To Dream

Will You Dare To Dream 

We live in an age where only a small number are educated to a higher degree

That is a waist, a waist of human potential, each and everyone of you are capable powerful spiritually impregnable but you do not see it. Instead there is a large majority who in their rush to be the highest are willing to stoop to the lowest. Instead of encouraging exalting promoting one another you promote yourself and those close too. And those called strangers you treat as alien as though they are disconnected to you. The world does not turn by the few but by the many. The more educated a society the more that civilisation becomes a greater more unified nation; only states in their infancy cannot realise the benefit of mass opportunity. If you allow a few to control the desires of the many, then the many become fractious, combustible this has been proven throughout history and should have been a lesson learned. When the pyramids were raised they were raised by the many but who took credit for them do you hear people praise Egypt or the Pharaoh Khufu and throughout history people rather than nations or states are revered; would you hear of Rome without Caesar or of Greece without Alexander, Achilles, Agamemnon. Would you here of Britain without Shakespeare, Newton, Churchill. It is through great individuals that great societies are made your society needs you. You who others have made small are not small but mighty indeed. You can achieve dreams imaginings beyond what you or others perceive of you. First you must believe and not let discontent for what you were made into reign over you. Instead strive in the arts, in education, in the sciences, to build a better world not just for yourself for everyone. Let me enlighten, illuminate elevate you so that which has been kept from you is kept from you no longer. You can be an achiever without deception or intrigue you can accomplish most anything. Become the next Leonardo De Vinci, Michael Angelo, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Tim Berners-Lee; the list is immense as are you; it is a grave misfortune that others instead of making you capable try to make you incapable. Every time someone diminishes you they are acting not for the good of the community but for their own personal self-interest and until such people realise the damage they cause their society they will always bring that society down. This often occurs in the home where those that have the authority to make a better individual serve up a platter of malcontent. There should be within every social group self-belief self-confidence self-determination. This is a modern forward looking world not a backward one. At this time societies should not be judgemental, intolerant, disunited. We are all connected one to the other. You are part of a universe of wonders and you are a wonder in that universe. You could be the person that cures cancer. You could be the greatest artist philosopher writer there has ever been. There is a creator in everyone but you must believe through the trials the adversities the failures that in the end you shall succeed. I believe in you, I believe you can make a better world. The world is less without your efforts. You have touched a Titan and you can reach farther still. You just have to understand that all those people that achieved greatness had a connection to you. And you have a connection to them. All things are built through dreams, and though people say do not make dreams your master or do not deal in dreams everything that has been conceived was a dream achieved. So be elevated illuminated inspired.

Thank you for listening.

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