Sunday, 11 March 2012

An Angels Voice for Louise
I am There

Don't despair for I am there
From every corner of your room
From distant sun to distant moon
When times of trouble come to soon
I am there
And in every cavern deep
In dreams when little children sleep
And all the secrets that you keep
I am there
And when ever you feel alone
Or feel that you can't turn home
Thinking that you are on your own
I am there
From covered mountains that touch the sky
To places where only eagles fly
To every question where you ask why?
I am there
And I don't mean to trivialise
And look upon you with selfish eyes
Or come to you in some hidden guise
When saying I am there
And though stories mention me
And I am beyond what mortal man can see
And though you believe with difficulty
I am there
And in this world of material labels
Where I am spoken of only in fables
To believe in love is to believe in Angels
So don't despair Louise for I am there
The Poet David Papa-Adams © 2008 all rights reserved 
A Love without Condition

What is Love without Conditions
It is floating without a hoist
Watching parents of a new born baby rejoice
It is a hope without an end
A candles flame that will not descend
It is a breath of sweet innocence
It is a time that does not pass
A moment of magic that will last
It is all the positive energy in the world
It is every truth that love can build
It will keep you secure
It is a love that will endure
It is a faith that cannot be seen
The fulfilment of every dream
It is being interned whilst being free
A tsunami of sweet liberty
It is all the hot summers there have been
Every blue sky you have ever seen
It is the cure for every ill
The ultimate adrenalin thrill
It is all the wisdom that can be found
It is a spell that will astound
It is a heavenly belief
It is loves great relief
It is the acceptance of being fulfilled
It is a beauty never to be concealed
It is the stars that light up the night
It makes the sun burn so bright
It is a love freely given
And not by expectations driven
It is the being of your soul
And in life it is the ultimate goal

Adam David Papa-Adams © 2008 all rights reserved 
Thank you Jesus

I saw Heavens Kingdom
And found Jesus there
He said brotherly love
Is what made you care

And those desperate trials
That brought deep despair
Are gone here in heaven
Where everyone does care

He said
When you stood alone
I always stood there
So now forget the trials
And the burdens you bear

For here in heaven
No one stands alone
We are all at peace
In our one true home

And the loves lost
That passed far away
Never suffer winters frost
Or have a bad day

You'll find them all here
And others that you know
So do not shed a tear
For the places people go

The Poet David Papa-Adams © 2011 all rights reserved

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