Sunday, 25 March 2012

Live your lives

Live your Lives
It is time to start living your lives; and stop living your lies. 
I am perplexed by people’s acts of hate and animosity.  The act of conflict has no bases in rational behaviour and the measurement for it should be found in the early evolution of man and not in an enlightened age.  So are we still living in the dark ages?  Since you all want the same thing, love in your lives, perhaps you should start living your lives and stop living your lies.  Stop diminishing the love you all have got and lift it up to the highest point. You’ve touched the moon now reach for the stars, because in love all things are possible. When others are negative be positive, when others are damning be loving when they are hateful be compassionate. The burdens you carry are temporary, though for a time they weigh you down and often feel eternal; but the truth is, it is love that’s eternal though it often feels temporary.  People turn and say of me, that I am a dreamer; well of course I am.  I am after all the greatest of the creative genius’s far greater than Leonardo da Vinci or for that matter William Shakespeare and don’t let me forget to mention that I am greater than Archimedes; I know you doubt such a revelation.  Well maybe you’re right; perhaps I am just a great dreamer or fantasist.  And as I have said in the past but will now repeat are these words ‘what’s truly obvious to me but not apparent to you is that in a dog eat dog world everyone is made a cannibal’.  And so maybe you all prefer to be predators, roaring raging lions.  Myself I prefer a softer approach; I guess that’s why I’m considered such a lamb, being often thought of as weak, or a victim of other peoples hate, though I am sure they do not perceive their acts as hateful.  And why, because in an aggressive world I choose love and not hate. I choose compassion and not malice.  I choose the freedom to care and not be controlled by my personal fears.  So when you blow a hurricane, I prefer to be a soft summers’ breeze.  When you rage like a mighty volcano, I prefer to be a gentle rolling hill.  And when you choose division I choose unity.
I don’t really have time to consider what’s important for myself; because I choose not to be blind to how people, all people everywhere, except for an enlightened few, are truly confused about life.   Not really understanding that the most important thing in life is actually free.  Love.  
As you are now aware, for me to think such a thing must mean I am a fantasist, or creative genius, one of the two.  Anyway, I thought I would explain to you all exactly why you behave in the manner that you do. So I wrote the Theory of Diminished Social Behaviour and the Omnipresent Social Memory.  A new social theory for you.  I am sorry if it still needs a little tweeting, I mean tweaking, but that’s life I guess, you know, that’s just the way it is, and of course the oldest adage of all; if it was good enough for me; and so on and so forth.  Just hit the link at the top of this blog and you can then read and download it for free.
I believe in a different approach to others. So that when they choose hate, I choose love, and when they choose malice I choose compassion, and when they choose anger I choose kindness; and though I have seen people hate relentlessly, I will not give up my love. And why because the only thing I will not give strength to is hate.
Should you feel weak I will make you feel strong. When you feel downtrodden, I will raise you up, and when you feel alone, that you have no one left to turn to, I will turn to you. For those that have shed tears enough to fill oceans. I shall drain those oceans and fill them with love. I will love who I will love the Great and the Small because everyone is equal in love. I will use every arsenal at my disposal.  Love, Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding. I will never give up in my belief that people can change, that I can reach into their hearts and find love there and not hate.  That people can all love one another. I will seek out the resolute ‘I am’ in everyone, and see if they are willing to join me and say ‘I am a lover too.’ Wait a minute that must mean ‘I am a dreamer,’ did you say those words ‘I am’ and believe them just a little bit.  So have I finally got you to recognise that I am a creative genius? 
I guess that also means in the end dreams will out, or Love, depending on your interpretation or inspiration.  And the fantasist will have his say or not.  But then again you may be content to think that the things I do and will do may just be down to luck, or divine inspiration, or perhaps some of you might comfort yourselves by telling each other that I am incapable of creating something really profound; in which case when I am finally done; I will say the words that those people would hate to hear, especially after the hate in them has spent so many years and so much effort struggling against me, trying to diminish the love I feel; so when others come at me once more with hateful intention I shall turn and say ‘your hates too late, loves here to stay.’ 
So if you ignore the love within yourself and let negativity and hate spiral out of control, and you cling to hopelessness instead of hope; becoming blind to the truth, that the only thing that matters in life is that you love one another. It gives me the opportunity to come upon you in secret and whisper quietly in your ear, that, ‘loves here to stay,’ which means of course; ‘your hates too late.’
David xx
Adam David Papa-Adams (C) 2012 all rights reserved

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