Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Scarcity of Love

The Scarcity of Love and the abundance of hate

How long must society blame the individual for reacting toward offences suffered? How long must we ridicule the weak and the vulnerable and then blame them for their often chaotic desperate despairing response? How long must there be hateful maltreatment, slanderous unreasoned provocations; malice and hate in an uncaring society? How long must the vanquished have to suffer being excluded from life? When will humanity enter a more enlightened age removed from the dark age we live in?

Such questions have concerned humanity not just for generations but for thousands of years but the truth people seek is a simple one it is not to teach each other to hate one another but to be compassionate. Our world that has been made a living hell to many cannot go on this way; I believe that even though I know things have not altered since the dawn of man. And even though people speak of a New World Order I know they are referring to the Old World Order. Perhaps if people could overcome their personal bitterness and jealousy then we could all be representatives and participants in a New World.

But truly as an individual who is treated by so many as being alien, eccentric or plainly strange. Whose beliefs are thought of as being nothing more than a fantasy especially since I have such a strong belief in LOVE I cannot help but feel distant from so many that have so much personal energy invested in hating and dominating others.

I am tired of elites and secret societies hiding truths that are unnecessary to hide; of keeping a world closely scrutinized and closeted and by doing so preventing the natural growth of potential. I find it strange in this much observed paranoid world of ours that there are close circuit cameras on every street corner which are not for our protection but are there to keep people in a state of constant vigilance and fear; and should there use ever be questioned then those using them justify their use by saying ‘if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about’ and yet those same people that believe in such things are the ones who exclude others from their secret societies and their elite structures; which means they are the ones who wish to remain unobserved and work their machinations in secret which must also mean that ‘they do have something to hide and are the ones truly living in fear.’ Which is a completely unnatural state for any to live in.

Can the hypocrisy keep going or will people finally wake up to the fact that they have had thousands of years of hate thrust upon them; that they have fought war after war and yet still suffer austere societies. That they have died and suffered in their millions and will suffer to die in their millions in the future unless things change.

I know that the burdens people carry are extensive and I know that this is not the way things are meant to be. People are not meant to make pacts with the devil, they are not meant to care less for others than themselves; this is not meant to be a dog eat dog world.
I also know that people that react to the hopelessness thrust upon them are often condemned and punished especially by those who have the power to change things. This is not just a shame but a great shame although the greatest shame people have is that they have no shame at all. You see people are so busy diminishing others that they fail to see the potential they are weakening.

I have often said that love is the divine in all of us and since it is divine then that which is not love must be less, making people less than what they can be, than what they can achieve. You may remember that I said that the rich treat each other richly and the poor treat each other poorly. Could it be that the poor are always ready to trample each other under foot whilst the rich actually respect one another treating themselves with distinction.

Does this occur because of the hard lives people lead; the answer to that is no, as poverty of the spirit is not restricted to an individuals social standing. Even some of the most nefarious people in history thought themselves creative rather than what they were damaged destructive people that were the design of their cultural heritage. And these non believers of love preferred to, and prefer to follow a doctrine of thoughtless callous behaviour that has led to and will lead to a non acceptance for the responsibility required for others, so strong was and is this belief that there is in this world a scarcity of Love and an abundance of Hate.

So I say wherever you are bring the Love back, shout it to the loudest. From the deepest caverns, to the highest mountains, let it spread its wings and fly; from distant corner to distant corner, and do not let it be drowned out, live it, dream it, and believe in it; and when you feel it then let the world know that you heard the calling and that you were called back to Love.

Adam David Papa-Adams (C) 2012 all rights reserved

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