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Why is Forgiveness divine?

Is Forgiveness divine?

In a previous blog I first mentioned the Greater Brain of man to show how thoughts and ideas develop. I wished to show how people are often subject to the will of their Greater Brain; an intelligence or mind that has an overwhelming influence on the individual so that when the individuals psyche reaches its tipping point it then reacts; this occurs when the Greater Brain of the social group or society unbalances the individuals mind forcing it to behave in what is manifestly thought of as an antisocial manner. The Greater Brain of society fuelled by its own insecurities and fears then also behaves in an unreasoned antisocial manner as a cycle occurs of reaction and response.

It is this social intelligence that prohibits man from fulfilling his potential if the society is continually judging condemning and then punishing individuals it does not give itself time to grow and this is seen in how restricted growth is within society.

Most people live within a bubble made up of ego, pride and ignorance which is controlled by the Greater Brain of man i.e. their society and social group. All people or states for that matter that judge others do not often acknowledge the faults within themselves just those they oppose and so what follows after the hypocrisy of critical thought is indulged comes the reaction from those who are being condemned. Instead what should be addressed is a close look at where problems lie and how to heal wounds whether old or new.

As per my theory then a mentoring process should be in place to lift people or even states out of the destructive cycle they find themselves in. Both people and states need to be properly instructed so that they can overcome their fears which might be deep rooted as to make them behave in an uncompromising manner.  The reason instruction is necessary is so that they can come to terms with the tragedies of their past and find forgiveness for those they perceive as their enemy. 

Ask yourself are you as forgiving as you expect others to be to you?

So what is one way that the Greater Brain of the social group or society at large has on the influence of others; it creates the denial in the ego of the individual by creating falsehoods that people apply to their daily lives. An example of this is how the poor the weak and the vulnerable are damaged by society. A society that is more than willing to condemn and punish the individual for their weakness rather than help them become stronger so that they can fulfil their potential, is a society that shows how primitive it still is. The Greater Brain dictates that Social Groups should Judge Condemn and Punish others; this hypocrisy for hypocrisy it is has lasted for thousands of years. It works because people are made to centre on themselves and they feel a sense of power by judging others and more so by condemning them. What should be occurring is that people should be passing love on to one another. The reason why this is not occurring is because the Greater Brain directs the individual to be selfish rather than selfless; after all love is the greatest gift one person can give to another unfortunately in the selfish world we live in such a feeling is guarded jealously, instead of what should be seen which is that it should be given away freely.

So why then have we found in the past that even those people who are bonded by blood and friendship are still willing to betray one another. The reasons are many according to the damaged psyche of the Social Memory which may be constrained by Paranoia Fear and Jealousy which are caused by previous Hardships that have remained within the individual diluting the love that should be felt.

As an example you may think that you are at a social event and one person may be innocent to the malice of another who is controlled by their fantasies. These damaging fantasies affect the keeper of them as they are internalised creating great pain and torment for the individual.

The person whilst communicating socially with the other person will record the information received incorrectly because of their fantasies and then repeat that information elsewhere but will do so inaccurately because of how hard their heart has become which 
creates a lack of empathy as the protective barriers that were built up over time become more and more solid if they are not dealt with. In essence what is created are further hardships as issues and situations of a negative nature are made where none existed before and they do this because they truly believe that the other person is deserving of their hate not realising that they are the ones behaving in a spiteful callous or malicious manner as they are subject to the will of their Social Memory. 

Such is the way people and states justify the horrendous acts they perpetrate. 

People can become hateful seeking vengeance for acts they have no right to seek vengeance for as they are manifestations of their own imagination and why because of their belief in what the Greater Brain has told them. The Greater Brain being the social group that instead of calming the seas of wrath, fuels the fires of the individuals rage and the persons own arrogance and pride which then affects the lives of those around them with the toxic poisonous waist they have swallowed and are willing to dispel.

It is this battle against the duplicity and thoughtless behaviour of the Greater Brain that truly makes Forgiveness Divine as the Greater Brain of Society teaches intolerance vengeance malice condemnation and hate whereas the individual, and there have been many great individuals that have not been subject to the negative aspects of their Omnipresent Social Memory have taught love compassion mercy tolerance and hope.

It is for this reason that wherever and whatever you are doing in your search for happiness if you choose love then you must choose thought, compassion, kindness, and a willingness not to judge condemn or punish others; so look inside yourself and find forgiveness not resentment, mercy and not bitterness, love and not rage and just may be you will also find something else there?

Who Forgives?

When Cowed by acts past
Of winters chills that last
Through chained and icy melody
That never sets the soul free
Do not bow to troubled mind
Or countless curses thought unkind
Blame instead the memory
That bursts like an incendiary
And if vile truth be told
Let others diminish beliefs old
But you stand firm to your grief
And not let others take or thieve
What is a holy natural light
And not some hidden pagan rite
So when they speak of troubles far
As distant as some lonely star
Saying that the futures yours
Unless of course you have good cause
To remember scorns long felt
Which time and age do not melt
Think on this a little while
If they should ever stand such trial
As the victim that they blame
For not being party to their game
As they do not see the path taken
Until in deaths arms they awaken
And at deaths door they won’t begrudge
Saying they were the ones not to judge
That they never did any wrong
Repeating histories many times long
Claiming that they’re forgiving too
And so they still harbour what angers you

Adam David Papa-Adams © 2012 all rights reserved

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