Saturday, 4 February 2012

Surely it's Fred

It’s Fred

Chris Huhne spoke too soon
His wife spoke too late
But did either make a point
When we wonder at their fate

He says he didn’t drive that car
It was his wife instead
But may be it was neither
It was a ghost named Fred

For Fred does get around
I’ve heard his name before
He is blamed for everything
From the wind to a slamming door

And who knows the truth
Of whose been misled
Could it be Chris Huhne
Or that ghost named Fred

It seems a strange reckoning
For telling the odd untruth
A lifetime reflecting beckoning
For a wrongly worded proof

Perhaps it’s better served
If justice has been deserted
If in the Stocks he’s preserved
Then justice won’t feel perverted

So who really cares
About 3 points or not
Or M.P.s affairs
They don’t matter a jot

And what of Harry’s game
Of cheating the public purse
It must be Fred again
He is a bloody curse

What’s really of concern
Is our public health
And if there's a return
On our misspent wealth

And an end to wars
That drain the public coffers
Or Acts dispensing laws
That put on us the mockers

And if things get tardy
Perhaps they’ll just blame
Some innocent third party
It's that Ghost again

Adam David Papa-Adams © 2012 all rights reserved

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