Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Rule Of One

The Rule of One

I have often wondered when people speak of riches or the richness of life what they are referring to. I know the things that I value are those of whether or not I am treated respectfully, honestly, decently, as an equal rather than with latent hostility.
I have often been taken aback when people have been vindictive towards others and then afterwards have listened to them explain it away as simply ‘that they were having a bad day‘. To which I would often think that that person has had too many bad days and should really seek help for them.

Of deep concern is that people speak of one rule for one and a different rule for others and yet everyone seems to have a rule for themselves which is different to the one they apply to others; as they like to be treated well but often treat others with distain.
The hostile aggressive language used by some is usually an indication of where they are at in their lives. People at peace seldom raise there voice above a whisper nor indeed have to and are only called upon to do so when they are confronted by the unwelcoming affections of a hardened individual whose thoughtless behaviour is seemingly either a barricade or a pretence that cannot be broken down.

So what makes such people and even states so stiff necked? Well I have earlier in a previous blog informed you of the O.S.M or O.C.M. which governs so much of an individuals or a states behaviour; so I need not repeat it here. My social theory explains the reasons behind so much anger and latent malice in society.

Are we truly waiting for people to be once more burnt at the stake or stoned on the streets before we change. Before people pause to think of their actions and the effect these have on others. Are those who are civilised always going to be beaten back by the barbarian at the gate, until finally out of frustration they react so that all are made barbarous.

People are always calling out for more love in society, more compassion, more tolerance, but the things they call out for are not the things they are willing to give. It does no good to Judge Condemn and Punish others if you cannot do so without a sympathetic heart or at least an enlightened one. And why? Because people Judge each other through selfish eyes applying their personal prejudice on those being judged. People can say to themselves that they do not behave inappropriately but unfortunately unless they first understand their O.S.M. then they are often unable to see the thoughtless harm they do and are living in denial of it.
Is that not a key point, people acting in a thoughtless manner and therefore denying the responsibility of their actions. Forms of aggression, either premeditated or not, are thoughtless and you may say how can any act that is premeditated be thoughtless, well it can be if it is so directed by the O.S.M. after all if a society or world is primitive does it not stand to reason that an individuals behaviour within that world would lack reasoned intelligence.

What I mean to say is that you may not be in control of your actions your actions may be in control of you. For those actions may be habitual and you may be playing out acts that have a close association to addictive behaviour in which case you may have no control over them.
So does this mean that we are all thoughtless well I would say take a look around you at the world we live in, it is not as sophisticated as it should be and stands precariously close to the abyss and when a civilisation stands so near to chaos it is time for people to decide whether they are willing to sit back and let this beautiful world of ours descend into anarchy or whether people are going to stand up for thought, for understanding, for tolerance, for compassion, for reason.

If so then it is time to stop judging condemning and punishing others. It is time to stop using careless language that diminishes what others have to say, it is time not to just think of oneself, or ones own family, but to think that there is a connection between all of us and that humanity is the family.

People talk about why there is one rule for the rich and another rule for everyone else, that is not the case it is just that the rich treat each other richly and the poor treat each other poorly. You only have to enter the home of the thoughtless and see the way that their children are treated in a demeaning, aggressive and discouraging manner to understand why riots occur on the streets. Money is not a discriminator to the way a youth might be discouraged. I do not say that all social groups behave with a lack of understanding, and are therefore a cause of resentment in the youth of that generation; but there are more than enough that do to realise that such a generalisation can be adopted.

People whether rich or poor simply do not know how to communicate with each other hence we have the world we live in today. So I say do not treat each other poorly all treat each other richly acknowledge the value all have and by doing so get their true value from them.
Do not deny people the care that you would wish for yourself because they are not you or from your family or social group you mix with; instead treat them with compassion always; for you do not know the burdens they carry and the torment in their hearts.

For no one is a foreigner to those with compassion in their hearts. So do not build contempt in your heart, for hearts were not meant for that, instead seek the truth of who you are and treat one another with worth and value, treat each other richly and not as this age dictates that people should be treated poorly; and why, could it just be that too many believe in the Rule of One?

Adam David Papa-Adams (C) 2012 all rights reserved

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