Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I Have a Voice

I have a Voice
            I have a question for you, which is, do you have a voice? It appears on the surface to be something strange to ask but I ask such a thing as most people think they have one and yet seldom use the power they have to truly make themselves heard.  Some speak like a clanging bell others like clacking chickens who think they are being heard when really they are only being observed.
There are those who are too afraid to speak up or speak out, and in dark corners such people whisper to each other, fuel their own fears about the way they are treated, and behave as though they are children afraid of the dark. 
Then there are those who having been confused by life’s hardships are unable to express themselves, losing in the turmoil of their minds all clarity of thought and in not knowing how to talk let their anger rage at all that pass them by, forcing those that can hear to become closed off to their protestations, and so their story which might be so desperately told in the end falls on deaf ears. 
And the poorest of us could have riches beyond imagining if we could but tell our tale in a manner that moves others hearts so that even the most ardent opponent is willing to strain to listen to what is being said.  My heart goes out to all those that have a voice whose cries remain unheard.  They struggle in the dark of being unrecognised and when they shout so that people might hear their anguish they are often misjudged.  For people make themselves known in many different ways.  They may take to the streets and riot out of desperation and naturally be rebuked for doing so; they may occupy lands that are not their own, they may protest in their thousands or lie homeless and forgotten on streets that have no name hoping beyond hope that their voices may be heard. 
They may take to social networks and spread their word through so many means still such words may fall on the deaf, the dumb and the blind those that are unwilling to hear, speak of, or see other peoples sufferings that are not their own.  And why does this happen when all are equal and deserving of compassion and love.  Could it be because people deny to others what they would have for themselves?  Preferring to keep to the comfortable norm of Judging others first and in so doing condemn and punish them whether they are in error or not, showing once more how those that live in the dark judge others for being blind when they are blind themselves and so continues unabated the cycle of pain and hurt. 
So the question remains do you have a voice and are you willing to break the cycle of pain and hurt? If so then do not be critical towards others but understanding, do not punish but heal do not hate but love.  All this can be accomplished by listening and acting in a compassionate manner with the realisation that all people no matter where they are from carry burdens, the weight of which can sometimes bear down on them in such a way that they act foolishly.  Try not to be taken in by societies inexplicable attitude of zero tolerance, the only states that were advocates of such a thing were Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union and none surely want that again. 
Instead since we all connected inspire others and by doing so you will have inspired yourself remembering that we are all the same beneath the sun and are deserving of encouragement and not embitterment.  We all stare up at the same moon, gaze in awe at the stars, gasp at natures beauty and its magnificence; adore to be loved.  In these days of malice and wanton violence, of wars and earthquakes, of famines and tsunamis, of hurricanes and erupting volcanoes, one thing is constant; that through the darkness of these times is the light of love, it burns brighter than a supernova, more constant than an unmoving mountainous range, as eternal as time, and as unwavering as the vastness of space.  It is for this reason that Love conquers all even the most ardent of tyrants must yield to its spell.  Love that most sort after and precious jewel, that most unifying agent that cries out to be heard, that unwavering flame that cannot be diminished, that light of lights that has so often lived beneath the veil of peoples despairs calls out to be unchained, so the question remains for it to be unleashed, means you must be a willing listener to other people’s concerns.   
            For all the weeping and the oceans of tears, for all the lamentation and tribulation, for all the sorrow and tortured minds that are filled with hopelessness there is a great love waiting for you.  For all the expense that sorrow brings, for all the hardship and despair there is love.  Love the strongest of hopes is free, it has no barrier it does not reside in dark places, hide in cave dwellings, keep to itself, but brings joy to all those that are willing to accept it.  Love is not selfish it does not know the meaning of strange or stranger accepting all as equal in life no matter where they may be from; no matter at what age you may be at, for love is not hindered by time that is why it is eternal that is why it is possible to have love for whomever whenever wherever.  So speak up for Love, speak up for compassion, speak up for tolerance and understanding, for these are the things of great value and do not judge condemn or punish one another for these things are given away cheaply for they are easy to do, being driven by anger, fear and ignorance.  If you wish to give anything away cheaply then make it love; do not do what others do and hoard it miserly in the deepest recesses of your hearts as that is not what love is about, it is not meant to be shunned and driven back but nurtured and spoken of to all; believed in by all.  Do not rebel against the love in your hearts because society tells you to.  And if people speak out against you for having love remember yours is the salvation theirs is the darkness, and after finding the light there can be no turning back, no return to the old ways of seeing yourself in a singular selfish life you will discover that you are not alone that your life no matter how burdened you think it is; is shared by many willing followers of love.  You cease to become just a member of a social network, but instead you become the interlinked all engaging social fellowship of love and when you do that, that is when you will realise that you have a voice.             
Adam David Papa-Adams © 2012 all rights reserved

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