Thursday, 2 February 2012

Good To Go?

Good to go?

Am I really good to go?
This the only end I know?
There’s a monument of stone
You are never left alone

The words in loving memory
Suggest some pious sanctity
People lie side by side
Such company when you’ve died

Someone really cares for you
Relationships are built anew
And don’t speak ill of the dead
When they lie in sunken bed

Surely it’s only when they live
Those harsher words you must give
But death deserves such finery
And loved ones given sympathy

I am sorry for your loss
Was he really a good boss?
And others say are you alright
At least he died in the night

So good that you came
Spoke with some sweet refrain
He would admire what’s said
If only he were not dead

But the dead deserve some grace
So I should get off their case
And let them all sleep in peace
While relatives chase what they can fleece

So I guess it must be said
When you’re all good and dead
It is the only time you’ll hear
Good words spoken in your ear
And yet I know the reason why
Good things come to those that die
After death you threaten not
Things in life others have got

For intolerance chases all
Makes acts unknowingly cruel
And jealousy and hurtful pride
Are left behind when you’ve died

What a shame it ends that way
With empty words left to stay
Surely it’s much better served
If in life you had a caring word

And all those that say I’m wrong
Don’t praise or make them strong
For they keep Love to themselves
And deserve the darkness where it dwells

The Poet David Papa-Adams © 2011 All rights reserved

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